Meet Corky!

Corky’s Story

In 2014 George Strong bought Corky from the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District as an FFA project. When he received her he knew that she was more than just a pig, that she was family. After his grandmother had been sick for most of the year and his dog passed away they decided that we were going to keep Corky. Corky lived on a friends property until her husband got transferred out of state for work. In 2015 they moved Corky to Huffman, Texas where she lived for two years on a goat farm. During hurricane Harvey the lady where Corky lived locked us out of her property; therefore leaving us no way to move our her. After the hurricane they immediately worked on finding a new home for Corky. That is when George came into contact with Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary, he told Nancy Corky’s story and that’s how Corky made it to Dreamtime, along with some behind the scenes action.

Corky enjoys her gingerbread cookies, Gatorade, belly rubs and hanging out by the lake.

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