Meet Brighty


Brighty's mother, Annie, was found in a state of advanced starvation a few miles from Elgin, Texas. Her hooves had never been trimmed and curled all the way back to her cannon bones (the long bone of of the lower foreleg). Her coat was dull and she was listless. Friends of Dreamtime brought her here in late February in 2010 and I began feeding her. Almost as much as a horse! We went along this way until nearly mid July. Thanks to the farrier, her hooves became normal but she never seemed to gain an once.

On July 10, 2016 I came home from work and couldn't find Annie anywhere; I thought perhaps she had died. I finally found her at the far north of the pasture with a beautiful baby lying at her feet. She had dried his fur but he had not stood yet., Now I understood why Annie never gained weight. She had been in foal and her baby got all the nutrients.

Brighty thrived and over time, despite nursing a growing boy, Annie gained weight and flourished. She and Brighty are part of a family group of three; one of the other donkeys adopted them.


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