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Corky’s Story

In 2014 George Strong bought Corky from the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District as an FFA project. When he received her he knew that she was more than just a pig, that she was family.  After his grandmother had been sick for most of the year and...

Dreamtime is in need of 24 12' long "Tartar horse panels" to create new, safe barn stalls. They cost $76-$78 apiece and it would be lovely to have 24 people each donate the price of one panel to our PayPal account found on our website. This would be a tremendous gift f...


Brighty's mother, Annie, was found in a state of advanced starvation a few miles from Elgin, Texas. Her hooves had never been trimmed and curled all the way back to her cannon bones (the long bone of of the lower foreleg). Her coat was dull and she was lis...

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